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Claire Lawson -Bathroom Designer

A bathroom you’ll love using everyday.

Claire Lawson

Renovating? Don’t take the frustrations of your old bathroom into your new bathroom


Loose / wobbly toilet roll holder?

Insufficient storage?

Before you engage a builder, learn about the ‘pros and cons’ of different bathroom layouts, fixtures and fittings. Not only will this make your renovation easier and less stressful, more importantly, those common bathroom frustrations that so many people ‘just put up with’, will not exist in your new bathroom. It’s the detail in HOW we use our bathrooms that makes for a pleasant and enjoyable stay!

Hairdryer, toothbrush, toiletries within easy reach, and not cluttering the vanity top!

A small bathroom that feels spacious and is easier to clean!

Understanding the DETAIL of everything bathrooms, allows you to create a design that is stylish and more enjoyable than any other bathroom you have ever experienced.

As a bathroom specialist, one consultation is all you will need to eliminate those niggling bathroom frustrations that you have become accustomed to! Learn how to design and create a frustration free bathroom, perfect for YOU.

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Photo of a stylish bathroom


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