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My personal consultations are held via Zoom or Facetime Messenger (or in person if you live in Townsville, QLD).

Pricing options reflect my ongoing commitment to volunteering:

  • Free¬†Consultations
  • Full price Consultations $120/hr

Book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call (below) to explain your bathroom situation, and register for a one hour full consultation.

Please be aware I ask a lot of questions, to ensure you get the best design for YOU.

Layout design:

  • help prevent mould and bacteria growth
  • easier to clean
  • best use of limited space
  • helping those with limited mobility

Fittings/fixtures design:

  • the ‘pros’ and ‘cons‘ of different fittings/fixtures
  • improve the health of all items you wash and dry your body with
  • creating a decluttered bathroom
  • what’s easier for those with limited mobility
  • what’s easier for kids to use

Design details for your builder:

  • the details typically overlooked in the bathroom design stage, such as drains, vanity design, shower-heads and plumbing requirements, location of accessories, and so much more.

Claire Lawson -Bathroom Designer
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