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My Story

The bathroom industry needs to change!

Building our new home was the start of my deep exposure into the Australian bathroom industry. After five years listening to people from all facets within the industry, especially the end users, there is definitely a need for change!

It upsets me hearing peoples’ frustrations with their new bathrooms. Unfortunately these stories occur more and more often, so it’s become quite obvious, that many new bathrooms being built these days are not improving our daily bathroom experience. The sad thing is, in some cases, they are actually creating more problems and frustrations!

People get seduced by pretty stylised photos on Instagram and Pinterest, that they overlook the DETAIL in bathrooms, and how we use them. It happened to me, and because I see it happen to so many others, this is what drives me to do what I do.

My vision is; that all bathrooms built from today onwards, are more hygienic, more functional, and more enjoyable.

I have a strong sense of responsibilty to inform and educate others that simple bathroom design alternatives can achieve this.

Claire Lawson -Bathroom Designer
Photo of a modern bathroom


Photo of a stylish bathroom


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My Story

Photo of a T-Air towel rack